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Goals - Why should you have them?

We are often presented with the notion of setting goals in various areas of our life. At work, we may be given targets to meet, at Uni we will be set deadlines to meet and assignments to complete. We often set ourselves goals at the start of each year, willing ourselves to achieve more in the coming year than we managed to do in the previous year. But to really get ourselves to achieve these we need to understand our motivations and look realistically at our timelines, available emotional, psychological, and daily availability.

Have a think about what becoming more apt at a physical technique means to you. What satisfaction will it bring you? If you are thinking about learning self-defence, for instance, the ability to change the outcome of a future attack is a great motivator, but also consider the benefit to your life now. Being physically active can give us immediate benefits to our physical and mental health. The friends we make in group classes are richly rewarding. A sense of belonging and community can enrich our social life and benefit our mental health.

Seeing yourself make steady improvement with a technique can be intoxicating. We see an outcome of our effort and this can drive us to continue. Celebrate improvement, but also be kind to yourself when you struggle to get something.

Take some time to think about what training means to you, what you hope to achieve, and how you are going to get there. How much time should you, and can you commit to reaching that goal. Who can you get help from i.e. instructors, training buddies, and family support at home?

Write down your goals and plans, and check back in with them periodically to see if you are heading in the right direction. Don’t become disheartened if you get off track, just set yourself back on the path and keep moving forward.

See you in class.

Krav Maga Goals Sheet
Download PDF • 259KB

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