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Kinetic Fighting–Integrated Combat (KEF–IC) is a system of mental and physical training, designed to instil a survival mindset. It reflects the Australian Defence Force system to which it is aligned: the Army Combatives Program, or ACP.

Our instructors’ mission is to provide you with the framework and understanding needed to develop the skills taught, as well as your existing skill sets, for effective application in self-protection or on operational duty.

Kinetic Fighting was first developed to keep soldiers alive in war zones. So, even though the KEF–IC program is tailored for use in an everyday setting under common law, the goal of the training is the same: survive, no matter what.

Want to get started?

Our KEF-IC classes have a pre-requisite of either, participation in Self-Protection Essentials (Alpha Module) or completion of Australian Combatives Program Level 1.

If you are new to training, book a place in one of our upcoming Self-Protection Essentials (Alpha Module) events to get started. This will give you a strong foundation to begin your KEF-IC learning. 

Upcoming Events

  • Combative Grappling (KEF-IC Echo Module) Nov 2023
    Combative Grappling (KEF-IC Echo Module) Nov 2023
    Sat, Nov 04
    Nov 04, 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM
    Guardian Defence, 1 Joyce Ct, Coburg North VIC 3058, Australia
    Learn how to out-grapple an opponent when lives are at stake, rather than competition points, with the Combative Grappling system developed by Kinetic Fighting founder Paul Cale.

Ongoing Classes

  • Learn self-defence (combatives) as taught to the Australian Military.


    1 hr

Who is Paul Cale?

Paul Cale is the creator of the KEF-IC system. Our instructors have all been certified by Paul himself and will bring you his system in structured modules and classes.

Paul Cale currently oversees the delivery of the Army Combatives Program (ACP) and Individual Combat Behaviours (ICB) training for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Paul is driven by the company mantra, ‘excellence over everything’.

Paul has been involved in combat sports and martial arts since the early 1980s and holds black-belt ranks in eight different systems. Paul has been involved with the Australian Army for 30 years, either as a soldier or a preferred contractor, as he is today. For most of that time he was a member of the Special Forces (SF), serving in the 1st Commando Regiment and 4RAR Commando before he became a founding member of the 2nd Commando Regiment (2CDO) in 2009.


In 2017, Paul was appointed Head Coach of the Australian Defence Force Martial Arts Association (ADFMAA) and continues his work enabling soldiers to develop their unarmed combat skills. Paul had previously co-founded the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Combat Centre, working as a coach and specialist consultant to the AIS. For several years he worked with Olympic combat sports teams and their embedded sports scientists, and also led the implementation of Special Forces selection methodology in several other sports including cycling and water polo.

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