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Krav Maga Instructor, AJ Kearns, laying on ground defending himself against a mounted attacker.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a practical modern self defence system which is intuitive, effective and adaptable to the environment. Krav Maga teaches students to identify, overcome and escape attacks.

Students learn self defence, protection of others, defence from weapons and multiple attackers, as well as combat fitness, mindset and discipline. Krav Maga techniques do not rely on brute strength. This makes it an ideal self defence system for all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

Krav Maga focuses on neutralising the threat efficiently, using a combination of strikes, releases, takedowns and evasive movement. We use a variety of techniques however they centre around a set of principles and common movements. This ensures that we keep our defensive tools as simple as possible allowing us to access them in times of duress. As Imi Lichtenfeld creator of Krav Maga said  "Many problems, one solution".

Guardian Defence emphasises reality-based training. We have a padded scenario area, designed to imitate real-life situations, where students learn to operate under adrenal stress.

Upcoming Events

  • Edged Weapon Defence Workshop
    Edged Weapon Defence Workshop
    Sat, Jul 06
    Jul 06, 2024, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM GMT+10
    Guardian Defence, 3/3 Joyce Ct, Coburg North VIC 3058, Australia
    In this event, you will learn the techniques that will assist you in surviving a stabbing or slashing attack, as well as a static threat with a knife.


Who's AJ Kearns?

Director of Guardian Defence, AJ heads up Guardian Krav Maga as Chief Instructor, using his many years of experience to guide and formulate the system and syllabus.

Starting out in the traditional styles of Taekwondo and Kobudo, his interest in Krav Maga began in 2002. He went on to become certified as an Advanced Civilian Krav Maga Instructor by Dr Itay Gil of Protect Krav Maga (former Chief Krav Maga Instructor of the Israeli counter terror and hostage rescue unit YAMAM) in 2006.


He has since gone on to be certified as Krav Maga Chief Instructor by Tactical Krav Maga, Krav Maga Practical Instructor by Roy Faiga, Wingate Institute (Israel), Youth Krav Maga Instructor by Lior Offenbach Combat Krav Maga. AJ is also a certified Instructor in Floro Fighting Systems certified by Raymond Floro, and Level 1 Instructor in Kinetic Fighting - Integrated Combat certified by Paul Cale (Former Australian Special Forces Sgt, Kinetic Fighting - Integrated Combat).

He is also currently serving with the Australian Army, Royal Australian Armoured Corps.

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