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Why do we wear rank patches/bands?

When you achieve your first rank it's a proud moment. Some run home and proudly sew it on to their uniform or place their wrist band on for all to see. Others forget, or don't see the importance of their first white rank. But here's the thing, you should be proud of each and every rank you achieve. You worked for it. You earned it. It may not seem like much at first but you will come to see that it was the start of your journey. One that can change your life. So hold your head up and be proud.

There's a practical side to showing our rank in class too! From a teaching perspective, it assists the instructor at pitching the class at the right difficulty for those in attendance. So if you want a class that rocks, than help out the instructor and wear your rank. It also helps them know who to ask to assist them and who would be good to pair together for drills. It also helps other more advanced students know who they can offer help to, and for newer students, who's technique they could try to emulate and where they should stand in line.

But I think the best thing about rank signifiers is the sense of pride you get every time you put it on. It is a visible reminder of all the hard work you have put in and a sense that you are getting somewhere.

So be sure to wear your rank with pride, each and every class. They are important and do a lot more then look awesome!

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