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Head and shoulders photo of team member

Matthew 'Chippa' Campbell

Technical Director - Parkour

Chippa is Technical Advisor of Parkour and Stunts at Guardian Defence. He started training parkour in 2004, and has been training and sharing his skills ever since. As one of the co-founders of the Australian Parkour Association, Chippa has been heavily involved in the development and growth of the Australian parkour community, and was its President for six years. Currently he is President of Melbourne Parkour.

Chippa also works in film and television as a stunt performer and trains people for stunts in addition to training people for parkour. In his training and classes, Chippa often draws upon his experience in the army (infantry and commandoes) and martial arts, as well as his background as a personal trainer and stunt professional.

Parkour encompasses many things Chippa finds important: learning to use your body, developing health and strength (in mind and body), and using these skills to support others.

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