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Jonathan Batten

KEF-IC Instructor (A-E)

Jonathan was awarded KEF-IC Instructor of the Year in 2022.

Jonathan spent 15 years in the Australian Regular Army, serving in operational units and instructor postings as both a Recruit Instructor at Kapooka and a Tactics Instructor / Small Group Mentor at the School of Infantry. During posting to 3RAR Jonathan took up Krav Maga (Airborne) in Sydney studying under Ron Engelman to cover the capability gap of combatives that the Army Combatives Program (ACP) and its legacy systems filled. Jonathan maintains connection to the ADF through engagement with the Army Reserve where he is qualified to instruct ACP Level 1 & 2.

Jonathan took up krav maga during his time at 3RAR (Airborne) in Sydney, studying under Ron Engelman to cover the combatives capability gap that was later filled by IIC and the Army Combatives Program (ACP). He maintains a connection to the ADF through the Army Reserve, where he is a qualified instructor of ACP Level 1 and 2.

Alongside his Army work, Jonathan provides professional security consultation and services to the health sector. He also works closely with the team at Guardian Defence, leading regular practice sessions and teaching KEF–IC modules A–E. He is available for mobile training delivery.

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