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26th September 2012

Brunswick Melbourne Victoria

In light of the recent tragic events in the Brunswick area, the important topic of women's safety has been highlighted. But there are steps women can take to help prevent such events or minimise injury and assist in ending violent confrontations as soon as possible, allowing us to effect our escape. As Melbourne's premier authority on self protection strategies for women, we are available to provide expert comment on ways women can be safer in their everyday lives. 

Safety Tips

Don't be Distracted - Stay alert to your surroundings at all times. Don't allow a phone conversation, texting, music etc to interfere with your situational awareness.  Being inebriated also impairs your alertness. Try to keep your drinking to a reasonable level and always plan a safe homeward journey after a big night out.

Maintain Distance - Ultimately for an attacker to hurt you they need to make contact with you. Keeping a minimum distance from potential threats of at least 3 metres is best or as close to this as is possible. If they can't touch you they can't hurt you!

Confidence - Displaying confidence in your posture, body language and words goes a long way. If you are nervous don't let them know about it. Fake it, till you make it.

Trust Your Instinct - If you think that something feels wrong, then something is. Always trust your intuition.

Improvised Defensive Tools - It's easy to use everyday objects to assist your defence. My top picks are: 

  • Bag - Great shield to fend off attacks coming your way.
  • Torch - Use the light to temporarily impair vision and then the torch itself to strike.
  • Pen and Keys - Great stabbing tools. Work with multiple strikes to the face for maximum stopping power. 

Safety in Numbers - Whenever possible walk with friends, if you are alone try to walk close to another group so as appear to be with them. Always walk your friend to their car and then have them drive you to yours. 

Taxi Travel - Catching a Taxi home is a good idea but always sit in the back seat, ensure you know where you are going and that they stay on course. Check that their ID matches the driver and let a friend know the cab number you are travelling in and mention to the cab driver knows that someone is expecting you home. 

Walking - If you are walking home, walking against the traffic helps prevent you being followed as cars can not slow down and track you. Use reflections and shadows to keep alert to who's around you. Looking around casually also helps. Cross the road if there is someone near you that worries you.  Stick to main streets and populated areas whenever possible. 

Trains and Trams - Stay close to the driver or guard if possible. If someone you are weary of sits next to you or enters your carriage, move. 

AJ Kearns is available for interviews and appearances to provide expert advise on safety for the street.
With over 12 years experience in the Martial Arts, he has writen on self-defence for Blitz Martial Arts Magazine, Australian Taekwondo Magazine and Bare Essentials Magazine. He also has been called upon as an expert in self-defence for national television and radio programs such as Sunrise (Channel 7), ACA (Channel 9), Mix 101.1, 92.9FM Perth to name but a few and has been featured in Nine to Five Magazine, LOTL, Herald Sun Newspaper and more. 

He was recently awarded the highest rank of Chief Instructor within the Tactical Krav Maga system and along with fellow director Zunami White now operates the largest Krav Maga and reality based training facility in Australia 'Guardian Defence', located in Brunswick, Melbourne. 


Guardian Defence

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