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Improving participants knowledge and awareness, fitness and personal confidence, our workshops are a great team activity.  We even provide take home documentation to refresh their memory, meaning that they will make better use of the knowledge presented to them. All necessary equipment is provided and we present a syllabus tailored to your group.

Topics could include:
Threat Assessment - Recognising when you are in danger
Verbal De-escalation, Distancing, and Environmental Awareness - Skills to prevent potentially volatile situations from escalating
Disengaging - How to remove yourself from the 'danger zone'
Improvised Weapons - Utilising the environment to protect yourself
Priority Targets
Striking skills (Upper and lower body)
Releases from grabs or holds

The cost of workshops is determined by number of participants and length of workshop. Please have this information available when requesting a quote.

Comments from previous workshop participants::

"This was the best self defence course I have ever been on. It has made me so much more confident and aware of my surroundings. It taught me useful, practical and easy to remember moves." "AJ was fantastic. He kept the course very interesting and really pushed us beyond our comfort levels which was great."- Assunta, Orchard Funds Management

"This was so much fun! I enjoyed every minute of your workshop ... Thank you for putting in the effort and giving up your time to teach us these great techniques!" - Participant, Queen Victoria Women Centre

"very entertaining and practical" - Anne

"Everyone should know the techniques you teach. I hope I never have to use them but am glad I know them, I feel a little safer." - Participant, QVWC

"AJ was engaging and full of energy, I thoroughly enjoyed the class!", "I liked that the class was all hands on - not just listening to theory on how to protect yourself." - Phoebe

"I like the way the instructor teached the techniques. She made everything simple." - Boonyarin

"[The workshop was] well organized, informative and hands on." - Yiwen

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