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When you come along to class, wear comfortable clothes and joggers, bring a towel and water to drink, and arrive at least 5 minutes early.

Tactical Krav Maga (TKM)

Before joining our Krav Maga group classes it is compulsory to attend an Induction Class.

Krav Maga is a reality based self-defence system. Originally designed for use within the military, the civilian version provides quick to learn, effective defence skills that are not reliant on the strength or size of the defender, making it perfect for women and men alike. You will learn striking, movement, grappling, weapons defence and more. Open to men and women from age 16 up of any fitness level.

Krav Maga Foundation

These classes focus on honing students' pre-fight skills, empty-hand striking and defence combatives (L1), and defence against knife and stick attack and use of defensive tools (L2). Great for new and more advanced students alike. Open to men and women aged 16 and up.

Krav Maga Intermediate

These classes look at solutions for more complex and problematic situations such as when grabbed and in difficult locations such as ground. It also looks at serious weapons threats such as knife and firearm. Students must hold a Green (Unit 4) rank to attend this class and be aged 16 and up. Participants must be of moderate physical fitness.

Krav Maga Black Belt Prep

This class will focus on learning more advanced skills and accessing skills under pressure. Students must hold a Red Rank (Unit 7) rank or higher to attend this class. This class will involve contact. Open to men and women aged 18 and up. Participants must be of moderate to high physical fitness.

Fitness Based Group Classes

No induction is required. Casual participants welcome.

Cage Fitness

Cage fitness is the latest cutting edge workout designed for men and women that want to get into great shape. Designed by 9 times welterweight champion Matt Hughes, this 30 minute, "five round" workout targets all areas of the body and includes cardio, flexibility and strength training. The perfect combination of fitness and fun, your workout includes five (5 minute) "rounds" of workout action that are specifically designed to help tone and strengthen your body. The use of the MMA training dummy bags simulates the energy and impact of a five round MMA title fight without the need for partners or contact. the combination of cardio and muscle toning is sure to get you in the best shape of your life.

News Flash

Lil' Dragons, Krav Kids Krav and Krav Teens classes resume this week.

  • Lil' Dragons - Monday 4.30pm or Saturday 9am
  • Krav Kids - Monday 5pm or Saturday 9.30am
  • Krav Teens - Tuesday 5pm


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