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Saturday, 13 September 2008 18:38
Defence brings you reality based Tactical Krav Maga self-defence training in a fun and friendly environment. We feel that it is important to create an environment that is fun, friendly, protective and supportive of everyone, regardless of gender, physical condition, confidence level or previous fighting experience. Our team of skilled professional instructors will ensure that you are provided with a training environment that will foster the skills you will need to protect both yourself, and your family.

Tactical Krav Maga provides you with the skills to protect yourself and your loved ones against common attacks. Real life attacks are sudden and can have limitless variants: the attacker may be empty handed or armed; there might be more than one attacker; you might be standing, seated or on the ground; the attack might be a surprise attack; it might start as verbal assault and escalate; you may know your attacker; you might be in the middle of nowhere or in a crowded bar.

It is important that a self-defence system prepare you for the greatest range of situations with the least amount of techniques. Tactical Krav Maga has been designed to be learnt quickly. How do we do this? We will teach you principles, which can be used in a range of situations. Teaching principles reduces the number of techniques required, which means a quicker road to proficiency. The techniques are not strength based which means that no matter what your size it will be effective, even on large attackers.
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Krav Maga for Kids and Teens now enrolling! Ages 4 up. Family discounts available.


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