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Chief Instructor

Tactical Krav Maga - Chief Instructor
World Tae-kwon-do Federation / Australian Freestyle Tae-kwon-do - Shodan
Okinawa Isshin-Ryu Kobudo Association - Shodan
Martial Arts Industry Association - Coaching Level 1 Certification
Personal Trainer

Additional Training
Tactical Krav Maga - Basic & Intermediate Shooting Course - Pistol
Tactical Krav Maga Law Enforcement Course
Tactical Krav Maga Military Course
Tactical Krav Maga Security Course - Suicide Terrorism

Instructor AJ Kearns, is founder and Chief Instructor of Guardian Defence, the largest Krav Maga school in Melbourne. He has been a regular contributor on self-defence for Bare Essentials Magazine and Australasian Taekwondo Magazine. He has also been called upon as an expert in self-defence for national television and radio programs such as Sunrise (Channel 7), ACA (Channel 9), Mix 101.1FM to name but a few and has been featured in Blitz Martial Arts Magazine, Nine to Five Magazine, LOTL Magazine, Herald Sun Newspaper and more.


Zunami White
Tactical Krav Maga Advanced Civilian Instructor
Floro Fighting Systems Instructor

Vong Ngakham
Tactical Krav Maga Advanced Civilian Instructor
Personal Trainer

Prince Matharu
Tactical Krav Maga Advanced Civilian Instructor

Tracey Ayres-Turner
Tactical Krav Maga Advanced Civilian Instructor

Vlad Stoikovich
Tactical Krav Maga Advanced Civilian Instructor

All instructors hold the following qualifications:

  • Senior First Aid Level 2
  • Working With Children Check

News Flash

Lil' Dragons, Krav Kids Krav and Krav Teens classes resume this week.

  • Lil' Dragons - Monday 4.30pm or Saturday 9am
  • Krav Kids - Monday 5pm or Saturday 9.30am
  • Krav Teens - Tuesday 5pm


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