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Literally meaning “Contact Combat”, Krav Maga has it’s roots in Czechoslovakia in the 1930’s. The economic and political unrest of the time created growing pressure on the Jewish community1, and in response Imi Lichtenfeld, an expert in boxing and wrestling, began to learn various useful self-defence techniques from different styles. By the time he was forced out of Europe by the unbearable conditions for Jews, Lichtenfeld immigrated to the Land of Israel which was then under British control. Here he joined the ‘Hagana’ (Defence) who’s primary job was to protect Jewish settlements. Lichtenfeld’s talents were quickly noticed and he was assigned to teach unarmed combat and it is here that he started combining techniques from different styles such as judo, jujitsu, karate, western boxing and wrestling. What all the techniques had in common, was their effectiveness in combat. With the establishment of the State of Israel, Krav Maga was adopted as the official close combat style of the Israel Defence Forces and the Israel Police Force. 2

The Krav Maga system continued to grow and change, continually being further developed to become a streamlined system that is relevant to today’s threats. Tactical Krav Maga continues that tradition. A refined set of punches, kicks, chokes and take-downs are employed, always with the goal of neutralizing the threat as quickly as possible. Our primary targets are the eyes, throat and groin, due to their susceptibility to injury, regardless of the size of the attacker. We utilise our environment to increase our defence and learn to defend attacks from commonly used weapons.

The system is designed to be effective in real situations and our training provides you with the opportunity to practice techniques whilst under duress. This reality-based training enables you to be confident, knowing that you are ready to handle real situations. You learn to stick to the goal of neutralizing the attacker/s, no matter what, even when it’s hard, even when you are exhausted. This kind of warrior mindset is immensely powerful and rewarding. It has the potential to drive you forward in many areas of your life.

Our system is divided into units of information. The syllabus is under continual refinement, ensuring it remains pertinent to today’s treats and situations.

Foundation Level 1 (6 Months)
White (Unit 1) – Understanding the Problem, General Tactics including Pre-fight tactics.
Yelow (Unit 2) – Striking Techniques, bursting, footwork, stances, combinations and chaining. 
Pre-fight techniques and application. 
Stand-up fighting skills for reality.
Foundation Level 2 (9 months)
Gold (Unit 3A) – Defensive tactics against empty hand strikes.
Orange (Unit 3B) – Defensive tactics against stabs, slashes.
Green (Unit 4) – Utilising improvised weapons for defence – Small items, shield, stick, knife.
Intermediate (1 year)
Blue (Unit 5A) – Release from grabs and holds. Defence from being held and hit. Defence from pushing and pulling.
Purple (Unit 5B) – Release from chokes, standing and on the ground. Empty-hand Control techniques.
Brown (Unit 6) – Take-downs, throws and falls.
Red (Unit 7) – Sitting and Grounded Fighting
Advanced (1-2 years)
Black (Unit 8) – Knife and firearms threats
Double Black (Unit 9) – Third party protection. Dealing with Multiple Attackers.
Triple Black (Unit 10) – Dealing with unpredictable situations under duress. 
Environmental Scenario training.

Carl Halley defends knife attack

Australasian Training Manager - Carl Halley

Having trained in both Israel and Australia, Australasian Training Manager for TKM, Carl Halley, introduced TKM to Australia. His successful expansion of the system in our country and the Australasia region can be accredited to his clear explanation and highly skilled demonstrations of TKM technique, and his candid teaching style.

Carl has over 25 years Combat Martial Arts experience. He spent six years in the Merchant Navy and has worked for over fourteen years within the Security Industry. He current serves in the Airforce reserves and holds a Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and is a NCAS Level 2 Government Accredited Coach in Martial Arts.

Team Nakash

Krav Maga is a system that prides itself on continual evolution and improvement. We have the best in the industry come in and shape what we do and how we do it. Our most recent inspiration came straight from the IDF Krav Maga training division - Team Nakash.

Ran Nakash:

Former Chief Commander of IDF Krav Maga Division, Ran Nakash teaches exclusive authentic military IDF Krav Maga - the most efficient and up to date reality based self defence system in the world.

He is the highest ranking professional authority in the following fields:
  • The teaching, instructing and certifying of chosen IDF soldiers into Krav Maga instructors.
  • Choosing the Krav Maga curriculum of each unit, with an emphasis on Special Forces.
  • Creating the curriculum instruction of the IDF anti-terror school
  • Many more important aspects of this position cannot be exposed due to their level of confidentiality

Head of the Krav Maga division of the Security Centre of Israel's Court System

Before being appointed as Chief Commander of the IDF's Krav Maga instructional division Ran Nakash headed the Krav Maga division of the security centre of the Israeli court system. During his tenor he has taught and certified thousands of special security personal who later on became personal body guards of judges, senators, councilmen and business men.
These personal body guards were trained in 24 hour personal security for VIP's and included: neutralising threats at home, in a vehicle, at an office, or any other public place, with an emphasis on neutralising an attacker armed with a knife or gun, multiple attackers, kidnapping attempts and more.

Leading instructor at the IDF's school for Krav Maga

During his initial service, Ran Nakash instructed at the IDF's Krav Maga school, where he worked closely with the IDF's most elite units and not only trained soldiers in Krav Maga but trained and certified soldiers to become Krav Maga instructors in their own respective units.

Competition Background:

Since the age of 10, Ran Nakash has been trained in various martial art forms with the specialisation in Muay-Thai and classic Boxing. 
Some of hi accomplishments in the ring are: 
  • 1st place in Israel's free style fighting championship
  • 1st place in Israel's full contact karate championship
  • 1st place in Israel's kick boxing championships
  • 1997 - When Ran Nakash was just 18 years old he cam in first runner up in the world Muay-Thai championships which were held in Thailand

Itay Danenberg:

IDF's Krav Maga instruction division instructor and head instructor. He has worked closely with all of IDF's units includeing IDF's most elite commando units, counter terrorism school as well as with the border police special units. 

Danny Netzer:

Current IDF's Krav Maga chief commander, he is responsible for the counter terrorism school and the border police's Krav Maga level instruction and qualifications.




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