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Attend 8 classes in your first 4 weeks of training and receive $50 credit in Pro-Shop!
We want you to succeed in creating new and rewarding training habits. So we will reward you for keeping your goals! 

The level of commitment you give your training will depend on a number of factors. Start by asking your self the below:
•    What level of self-protection or fitness do I wish to accomplish?
•    What priority do I place on this?
•    How fast do I want to achieve this goal?

Then in response to your answers to the above, ask yourself:
•    In order to achieve my goals, how much time per week should I commit?
•    What is the most economic way of attending this amount of training?

Be aware that how often you train will directly impact on your level of skill or fitness and the speed at which you achieve your goals. It helps to assess your goals at the beginning of your journey, decide on how fast you wish to reach these and the best path to success.

In order to try and accommodate a broad range goals and life situations, we at Guardian Defence offer a range of payment options. Each of these has different benefits, and it is important that you select the option that will suit your particular situation and allow you to achieve your training goals.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss your training goals and any other questions with your instructor. We are here to help.

For further details please call (03) 9383 4848. 

Levels of Membership

$99 joining fee. Free Welcome Pack on joining. Incl. uniform and basic protective gear (groin guard, mouth guard)
All Memberships have a 26 week minimum term and unlimited gym access.

2 classes per week* $59 fortnight ($14.75 each)

4 classes per week* $79 fortnight ($9.88 each)

Unlimited classes $99 fortnight

OR pay out 12 months in front and SAVE over 15% off fortnightly price!

Access Passes (Valid for 12 months, no time freeze, not transferable)

1 attendance $25

10 attendances $200 ($20 each)

50 attendances $850 ($17 each)

100 attendances $1400 ($14 each)

200 attendances $1850 ($9.25 each) 

Individual Session

If you can only turn up now and then, or once a month, then this option is for you. You just pay your casual fee when you wish to train.

Private Tactical Krav Maga Classes - No Induction Required

$75 for 45min

$90 for 60min

Contact us for details: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (03) 9383 4848 

Personal Fitness Training

 Contact us for details: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (03) 9383 4848


Please request a quote providing run time, number of participants and location.

News Flash

Krav Maga for Kids and Teens now enrolling! Ages 4 up. Family discounts available.


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